Prize of the Day



Main Prizes


Every day you work on becoming fitter, happier, and more compassionate, you will have a chance to win one of the daily prizes. Those prizes will be available for you to see in the “Prize of the Day” section. You will also be working towards winning many other prizes, including our main cash prize.

Below you will find all of the possible prizes:

  • A gold, silver, or bronze medal.
  • We have partnered up with well-being apps and cryptocurrencies, and every day you participate in these games, you can win a subscription or some cryptocurrency. (only one daily prize can be claimed per person)
  • At the end, after the scavenger hunt has been completed, you have the opportunity to win an NFT from our collection or one donated to us by one of our partner projects.
  • Finally, if you have completed 16 out of the 21 days and have completed the scavenger hunt, you will be entered in a raffle to win the main cash prize.

This is a game you can’t lose; the more you do, the more you win.


As a participant in the 21-day W3llbeing Games, you can win one of three medal NFTs: bronze, silver or gold. Below you will find the points needed to win a medal of the 1st W3llbeing Games

Bronze: min. 60 points

Silver: 75-89 points

Gold: 90+ points


All partner projects compete to become the winner of the 1st W3llbeing Games ever and earn the trophy NFT.

Every participant can choose daily which partner project they would like to support when completing the challenges. They do this by selecting the project in the drop-down menu when completing their form in the “GN” section.

One challenge per day is Tweetable and if the user posts a tweet with the hashtag #w3llbeing, the supported partner project of that day will receive extra points.

At the end of the 21-day games, there will be one project winner that will receive the trophy NFT with its name engraved on it (dynamic NFT) by getting it airdropped to their project wallet. This trophy will stay in their ownership until the next W3llbeing Challenge has its winner. Then the trophy will be airdropped to the next winner, and both projects will be engraved on the trophy.

This W3llbeing Games 3 communities will be competing for the trophy; wellbeing apps, cryptocurrency companies and NFT projects. We hope to team up with sport and fashion brands for the next W3llbeing games but in order to do that we need your help to make it as big as possible!

The grand W3llbeing Games will run twice a year (winter and summer games). But don’t worry, there will be plenty of other games in the Happy Nation happening, in the meantime.

If you completed at least 16 days of the challenge, posted at least 7 videos doing the physical challenge, and you completed the scavenger hunt, you will be eligible to win the main prize!